Alex returned from training with FC Barcelona Escola. Read about his journey there.

TRAINING IN BARCELONA (update from John Nagy)

As we already reported Alexander Nagy - after participated in a Barcelona soccer camp in Toronto, last summer - had a week training invitation from the FC Barcelona. The trip was taken in the second half of February. Now we are safely back to Canada from this unforgettable journey.

The trainings took place Monday to Thursday in every afternoon with the youth players from the FCB Escola (Academy), who are at this time of the year attending the Academy. Alexander was placed according to his age group. Each group (8-10 kids) had two qualified coaches working with them at all times. During the trainings it appeared the drills were scheduled as a curriculum. Usually the sessions were focused on long and short, soft and hard passes most of the time. These were more complex as it sounds, as there were conditions and rules when and how the passes had to be completed during mini games (with one or two touch passing, from marked area and counted number of players in the areas etc.). It was not really preferred dribbling or maybe the only reason doing so is to pass the ball safely. Also no shooting (or just very-very rarely), just like a possession game. It seems the passing skill is the most important for every age group at FC Barcelona. Alexander was well prepared for these challenges; he understood the requirements and instructions. The quality of training received and the hard work our children do here at Eurostar prepared him very well and really showed in Barcelona. The trainings took place in the training fields of the Escola at the Mini Estadi (in Camp Nou).

On Saturday, Alexander competed in a league game - along with the Barcelona kids - representing FCB Escola. They played against another academy team. It was welcome news that he played very well. After 0-2 standing, by the help of his two scores and assists of other goals, his team finally won the game. Alexander played midfielder position and was complimented by the coach on his technical ability and play. He was asked by a few times during the training sessions, as well, where he trains and plays, and often was remarked favorably as he completed the required tasks.  These comments are very simple proof that our kids here at the Eurostar Football Academy receive high, world class level of training.



We had nice weather all week long. The Barcelona officials organized a free tour for us in Camp Nou, and the Museum when we saw the many trophies of FC Barcelona. We also got free admission for the FC Barcelona vs. Malaga game. It was a fantastic experience to watch the Neymar, Messi, Suarez trio in the stadium.

On Sunday and Monday we still had a little tour to wonder La Sagrada Familia, Guell Park, the Olympic City, the gothic area with the Cathedral and the whole beautiful city of Barcelona then went to the airport.

Our whole Barcelona trip was like a dream for Alexander. He had training and played in Camp Nou, where his dream team the FC Barcelona and his dream players Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Xavi, Iniesta, Mascherano and Pique kick the ball. It was really an absolutely incredible experience.

We attached a couple of photos and a short clip as a summary from the whole trip.


How it happened? (story from September 2014)

Alex was invited to train with the school after attending a FC Barcelona camp here in Toronto. This is fantastic news for one of our highest attendance athletes. I also received numerous calls from fellow camp attendees (from 3 different provinces) who wanted to know if they could also train with the same staff Alex trains with. Read more if you would like to know how this happened.

The third week of July 2014 FC Barcelona launched a week long training camp in Toronto. Players from all of Canada (roughly 300) - rom BC to Quebec and from the North of the US were enrolled. Alex participated in the event and this was his mother's birthday gift. The programs were conducted by FC Barcelona coaches from the FCB Escola (youth academy of Barcelona). The main goal of the camp was that the boys and girls were able to experience firsthand the training methodology and style that has allowed FC Barcelona to become one of the most successful and admired teams in the world. Of course the coaches had a chance to look around to find young talented players. It was a very hard but enjoyable training week with presentations and movie clips from Barca's life, players' successes etc.

The following week John (father of Alex) received a communication from one of the event staff who is an official partner to FC Barcelona in Canada. The family was notified that based on the performance and high technical ability that Alex showed during the camp he has been selected to go to Barcelona for one week training and playing with youth league game(s) at FCB Escola. This will take place in early 2015. Congratulations to Alex for this wonderful opportunity. We hope you enjoy your trip.