Mikkel, showed extremely well this past July, his accomplishment has secured him another invite back in the summer of 2016.


He has also been invited to Florida - Location information and dates to follow in the upcoming winter.



Mikkel was a selected few that had been chosen to the UK, to show his talents in a 4 DAY INTENSE GOALKEEPER SHOW CASE this past July 2015. This show case was an opportunity for these selected keepers from around the world to train and be seen by professional clubs and scouts in attendance.


Training Facility was 3 miles North of Leeds on a 100 acre facility (absolutely gorgeous facility).

His Day started at 7am – 4pm / 9am on the pitch - 1 hour cools down period (cool tub/hot tub), back on the pitch at 7:30 pm for a light 45 minutes dynamic stretches and a 15 minute cool down period to end the night.

3 Coaches + 1 Professional clubs academy director were present, 4 coaches per 8 player, 4/8 ratios per training box.


Coaching was conducted by highly qualified, experienced ex-keeper coaches from Keeper International, and current youth academy coaches and directors from professional clubs.

Professional clubs in attendance Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Leeds, Manchester United, Sunderland to mention a few.


Eurostar ~ Mikkel at the age of 12 impressed them to the point they moved him up with the keepers 14 -16 year age group.

What an accomplishment to train with current keepers already in the youth pro academy systems from the Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1.


From Mikkels parents "I like to take this time to give a big thanks to ~ Isa and Luka, ~ Javi, Richard and all of the Eurostar’s organization for their dedication and hard work in helping all our young athletes in the academy."


Mikkel was also recently seen by national coaches at the Canadian Soccer Association in Edmonton who identified him at this age as “tremendous”. “I saw that at this age (November 2002) Mikkel’s one of the best he’s ever seen,” As long as he keeps progressing, “The sky’s the limit for him”. I honestly believe he can go as far as he wants as long as he keeps pushing himself; his goalkeeping ability is beyond his years. He’s mature above his years. “I can honestly say I can see him playing MLS or in Europe eventually.”  “We will be watching”.