First scouted at the Eurostar Showcase, Aaron Ortiz has been invited to join L'Aquila FC after a trial in Rome.


Aaron Ortiz is an exemplary both on and off the field. On the field Aaron executes with precise movements and a strong physique which he continually develops outside of the Eurostar program with a tough workout regimen. Off the field Aaron is liked by all of his team mates and has shown great leadership playing for the U20 Eurostar Academy team. The work never stops and while opportunities like this come for strong players, it is important to understand that your first foreign team is only the start of a very difficult career in professional soccer. Aaron was liked by other teams who had a chance to view his skills during exhibition games in Rome (arranged by an Italian agent who works with Eurostar Luigi di Simone). He is still considering all options but it goes to show a lot of the athlete when multiple offers start coming in. We wish you the best Aaron no matter what you choose it will be the right decision.