Meeting the Goals of our Athletes

Our training is designed to help with our athletes varied goals. Some athletes are here to make the provincial team with our recommendation process, some join for the professional atmosphere, some would like to get a scholarship and others are after a career as a professional soccer player.

Helping athletes navigate the NSCAA Clearing house, courses required, focusing on maintaining their GPA, preparing for the SAT/ACT exams through our knowledgebase and weekly emails. Discover how we help our athletes meet their goals by reading about our Standards, Training, Program Details, Compeition and showcase Tournaments. For those seeking a professional career we promote top athletes to our main sponsor in Rome (SS Lazio) and other professional teams in lower divisions.


Our Training

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Academy Program


  • Outdoor Development League 18 games (U10-U13)
  • Outdoor Academy League 22 Games (U14+)
  • Year Round Training 49 weeks
  • Practice 3 times a week 
  • Annual Written Report Card 
  • Athletic Therapist at games
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Goalkeeper Training 2 times per week
  • Professional Soccer Training (Outdoor & Indoor)
  • Festivals based on age organized by the Academy League
  • Equipment organized by our equipment manager [extra cost]
  • Tournaments organized by our team manager [extra cost]
  • Exhibition Games organized by our team manager [extra cost]

 High Value in Long Term Player Development

arWith the support of our partners Eurostar offers value above and beyond what it costs to provide the service. This allows us to spend more on the program then we collect in tuition, making our program really attractive for those athletes looking for value in long term development. We focus on the long term objectives of our athletes which ranges from getting a scholarship to potentially playing professionally. This long term development focus brings more value to the experiences of youth soccer. All our athletes learn how to work hard at something, they learn how to keep trying and how to get backup which is an important lesson for everyone no matter the age. We help athletes set clear goals and measure athletes on their progress through our evaluation process.

Who are we?

A passionate & dedicated coaching team with proven results

Our mission is to prepare young soccer players for professional and/or collegiate opportunities by providing the highest quality of training and development from qualified coaching, quality facilities and superior equipment. We do this by providing year round long term development soccer programs for our athletes. Find out more about our coaches.

Meet the entire team

Highest Standards



We have high standards which are determined and audited by Ontario Soccer  and the Soccer Academy Alliance of Canada (SAAC). The following are some of the major standards;  

                    • Technical Director - National B or higher

                    • Youth (U13-U17) National B or higher (one coach for 2 teams)

                    • Development (U8-U12) LTPD + Pre B

                    • Goalkeeper coach (OSA Goalkeeper Diploma)

                    • Physiotherapist at practice sessions and games

                    • Agility, Strength and Conditioning training

                    • Training to game ratio (3:1)

                    • Outdoor League Minimum 18-22 games & Risk Management Policy

                    • Access to Premiere Indoor and Outdoor fields.

                    • We are awaiting new standards from the Canadian Soccer Association and this list will be updated shortly to also include their Category 1 standards in addition to the SAAC & OS Standards.

Compete along the best & Set yourself apart

  • Face off against some of the most technical players in the province during Academy League games2004 Team Photo
  • Compete for a spot on the provincial team through the TDC Recommendation process. Eurostar athletes are the only ones to represent London on provincial teams for the last 4 age groups.
  • Play with the best athletes in Ontario
  • Take on the highest level athletes in Showcase Tournaments to get you properly scouted.
  • We were in Barcelona and Benidorm, Spain in 2012 and 2013 in San Marino and Italy. Spain in April 2014 and then Portugal/Spain again in July 2014. New York and Las Vegas in 2015. Spain again in July of 2017.


Quality Facilities


  • Our indoor training programs [Oct-March] are at Eurostar Center in the heart of downtown London. The indoor facility is located 38 Adelaide St North, London, ON.

  • Our Spring training [April] facilities are Citywide Fields at 1610 Commissioners Road East, London, ON.

  • Our Summer training[May-Aug] facilities are Westmount Lions at 784 Viscount Rd, London, ON.

  • Our Fall training [Sep-Oct 15] facilities are North London Athletic Fields at 1225 Adelaide St, London, ON

We maximize time on grass fields throughout half the year and use turf fields when grass fields are closed. We are the only organization with our own indoor facility and there exists no other training facility in London, Ontario for indoor training of soccer. 


How to join Eurostar Academy

  • Register here to attend one of our assessments.  The assessments are for athletes aged U8-U18. 

  • If you are accepted into our programs then have to register here. This step is mandatory and the formal registration into the academy.

Academy Tuition & Program


  • Our program runs during all 12 months instead of 8-10 months programs that other organizations use. We also offer the lowest pricing both overall & on a per session basis. Our 49 week program consists of 142 practices compared to the 116 practices offered by other programs. 

  • We offer full time qualified & certifiied coaches trained in Europe. We have our own first class facilities and equipment. Athletic therapists, Strength coaches & experienced managers. Quality indoor & outdoor facility & Unique Macron gear designed specifically for us. We are the only semi-professional environment in the city of London. 

    Annual Fee: $550*

  • 2009-2013 Youth Academy program tuition 2x a week;  $54 every 2 weeks.*

  • 2006-2008 Development Academy program tuition;  $87 every 2 weeks.*

  • 2005-1999 Showcase Academy program tuition; $90 every 2 weeks.*

*All prices include HST
*Tuition collected through Pre Authorized Debit
*Annual fee gets pro rated based on how long is left in the program schedule. This allows athletes to join at various times in the year.