Who are we?

A passionate & powerful coaching team.

Our mission is to prepare young soccer players for professional and/or collegiate opportunities by providing the highest quality of training and development from qualified coaching, quality facilities and superior equipment. We do this by providing year round long term development soccer programs for our athletes. Find out more about our coaches.

Meet the entire team

Eurostar Academy

Academy Showcase

Showcase Athletes (U14+) train up to 4 times a week and partake in the toughest youth showcase events in the world to gain exposure for their long term goals.

Development Academy

Focus is on intense development with 3 times a week training by professional coaches. Athletes (U11-U13) compete in Academy Development League.

Youth Program

Focus is on youth development with 2 times a week training by professional coaches. Athletes (U9-U10) compete in a local league.


What do our members think?

Watch this quick video to learn what Academy parents think of our programs.

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  • What do I like most about Eurostar? I think it is the skill development side, so I think it is not so much winning at all costs, it is actually working on the personal development of the kids.
  • Other organizations win games at an early stage of player development, but as we are seeing as my son is getting older those are falling by the wayside. The teams or organizations that are more focused on player development/ skill development are still continuing and the boys are getting better and more successful.
  • All of the equipment complements the kids' abilities. They have a lot of equipment on the field that allows them to develop their talent and it forces them to look forward. I think the team and the place are adequate and perfect. Here in London there is no better.
  • The Academy is very well organized. My son says there is a good variety of drills, never the same drill twice which keeps things very interesting. On top of the overall program, the various coaches have their own distinct approach to the game which is fantastic.
  • What do I like most? The focus on the individuals athletes development, that is the main reason why I came to Eurostar. The focus on the player developing his skills and his talent as opposed to a lot of other organizations focus on the team doing things as opposed to the player being able to do things.
  • Hey Luka, Thanks for being the best coach. You helped us all.
  • I think Luka is an amazing trainer; it is his training that made me decide to take soccer more seriously. His training and professional approach to the game is what I like about him the most.
  • Hi Luka, You made soccer soooooo much fun! Thanks so much.
  • The program is demanding for the kids. It teaches the kids that their results are based on their effort and work they put in. It is demanding and complete. For me, it is awesome.
  • Thanks for being a great coach! Love - Jordan
  • The Academy is really good value for the money we pay. It is rewarding to see the improvement in the boys.

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