In the final announcement of a set of ten daily League1 Ontario 2016 Awards announcements leading up to the L1O Awards banquet on Sunday November 27, the 2016 League1 Ontario Men's MVP has been revealed.

This award winner was selected by a committee comprised of technical staff from each team in the league, as well as league officials, and decisions were based on an overall assessment of the player's technical attributes, individual achievements and key contributions to his team's success.

I just met with Elvir who seemed honored to get the nod from the province. He seemed happy with the performance of his team and hopeful for the future. What always suprises me about Elvir is no matter the obstacles he is such a positive and polite individual. We are happy to have taught Elvir and hope all Eurostar athletes take after Elvir in work ethic and social attitude. Elvir is one of the approachable human beings on this planet and it is a joy to work with him both on and off the pitch. From Luka and the Eurostar family congratulations again Elvir, we are all very proud of you and your achievements.

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Mikkel, showed extremely well this past July, his accomplishment has secured him another invite back in the summer of 2016.

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