Eurostar opens new Indoor Facility as Dome closes

Eurostar opens a new indoor facility, the first one of its kind in 13 years. We are involved in the design, management and structure of the new Eurostar Center located at 38 Adelaide Street North. This was just in time before the Soccer Dome near the airport closed after serving London for more then 15 years.

While other competitive programs take a 2 month break for December and January, Eurostar Academy continues to train during December and January (we train a total of 49 weeks). Our training schedule and commitment to player development has not changed since we founded Eurostar Academy 5 years ago.

The new facility is 35 meters wide with 52 meters long and features brand new quality turf. Pictures of the facility during our parents vs athletes night are attached, we hope you enjoy them. Please do not forget to follow us on instagram to get all the latest pictures for Eurostar Academy.

There is very little availability. Weeknights and most weekends are taken however there may be space in the future please contact us to find out more information.